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Through my many years in the building industry, I’ve had the same question posed to me many times:

"We knew that you built additions, but we had no idea you also…

  • Build custom cabinets, bookcases, and staircases
  • Remodel kitchens and bathrooms
  • Renovate attics and basements
  • Construct barns, decks, and frame homes
  • Install windows, roofing, siding, hardwood flooring
  • Install drywall, finished drywall, interior trim
  • Design custom projects for all of the above

…are you a renovator, remodeler, or a general contractor?"

My usual response to this question is that I am a remodeling, renovating, general contractor. At American Building & Design, we can renovate or remodel a space; while at the same time General Contracting the project. When you’re researching a project, it can be easy to become confused, as many different words are often used to describe what are essentially the same services. We over see and complete all of these types of projects, as well as design them in-house.

Many companies tend to focus on a single task, as an electrician does with electrical projects, or carpenters with finish work. American Building & Design’s specialty is the ability to organize and complete as many tasks associated with a project as possible. Without subcontractors to schedule and manage, we can maintain a constant speed throughout the contract, and hold to a higher standard of finished product. 

Unlike other “contractors”, I am personally on site, working on the project alongside my crew. This maintains a high level of professionalism, and also allows the homeowner the ability to communicate directly with myself, their contractor. This simple equation has resulted in the growth of our business, and a high level of respect from our customers, both for our work, and our methods.

For more specific information about the types of projects we undertake, please click on one of the sections below.  You can also view our project gallery page to view pictures of our work. If you have questions about anything you see here, or you'd like to schedule a consultation, you can fill out our inquiry form, or email me directly.

Thank you!
George Trojan
Owner, American Building & Design

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